Selling a real estate

Selling your real estate always also means changing your current life situation.

You are awaiting the newest addition to your family. A promising job perspective in a so far unknown city has opened up. You want to take advantage of the favorable price situation on the market to create liquidity for something new. Or the grief of a relative, the separation from your partner,…

In my self-image as a real estate agent, it is my duty to encourage people to put a piece of their own life history into the unknown hands of others, so that a new chapter in life can follow. In this sense, I create a good end and a hopeful beginning.

I will provide you with clarity on the sales process and ensure a good closing in an encompassing and dedicated manner.

Your property has grown on you. I will make sure that you are selling it for the right price and that it will be handed over to someone appropriate.

Buying a house or an apartment

Current real estate offers

My current favorite property

A two-family house in Bavaria, Germany

Immobilienangebot: Zweifamilienhaus in Seefeld. Verkauf durch Quartiere Ulrike Küpper


Sales process

Selling a real estate usually brings people, who are facing different circumstances in life, close together.

A lot hast to fit so that selling your house or apartment feels right to you in the end.

About me

Ulrike Küpper

Professional competence means looking outside the box to also cope with the unusual and extraordinary sections of real estate industry.

Find out more about my professional career and my expertise.

Real estate stories

It is one of my favorite duties to get to know the story behind an old building, a new apartment or house. I invite you to read some interesting highlights about some properties.

BONIFATIUS /3 Treppenhaus Lichtspiel. Copyright: Saskia Nathalie Betz
Quartiere Lieblingsimmobilie: Holzhaus in Chemnitz


Confidential matter

I am an open-minded person and I like to be inspired. In order to recognize and stay in touch with the latest trends, I additionally work with real estate developers.

I strongly believe that together we can achieve more. That is why I truly trust in a creative network of wonderful people.

Let’s talk

Let’s get to know one another

Selling a property goes along with mutual trust and liking.

That is why there should be time and space to get to know and become familiar with one another. Ideally, we would meet in your familiar surroundings of the property that you are selling. Of course, you are also very welcome to come to my office.