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Traditionally rooted with down-to-earth workers’ housing estates – to new, modern residential development on the former Paulaner brewery site. This is how one encounters the Giesing district in Munich today.

The BONIFATIUS towers confidently and strikingly on the hilltop of the Nockherberg in Obergiesing.

It combines the growing new with what has always existed along St. Bonifatius Strasse and the robust Tegernseer Landstrasse. The hustle and bustle of the neighborhood leaves the old walls unimpressed. In their protection, one is a silent observer of the colorful hustle and bustle between the old and the new.

Two houses, built around the turn of the century, shine in new splendor – after two years of renovation. With a great deal of love, respect and precision craftsmanship, the historic was restored piece by piece and made suitable for everyday use with almost loving attention to detail – because it has already stood the test of time.

Original parquet floors, listed box-type windows – as one of the oldest window forms, coffered doors with original fittings, a staircase with creaking, wide wooden steps and wrought-iron banisters, a potpourri of floor tiles from different eras, wall paintings with decorative floral motifs.

All of this is paired with the latest technology and engineering: post-flow ventilation in all rooms, efficient ceiling heating, excellently equipped bathrooms, intercom system with touch screen, burglar-proof transponder technology, locking system, fiber optic connection, elevators, and the latest fire protection technology.

Façade Award 2023 of the City of Munich

The façade of St.-Bonifatius-Straße 1 was one of the 17 winners of the Façade Award 2023.

With this award, the City of Munich honors owners who preserve Munich’s cityscape through exemplary renovation and design measures. More information on the façade award here.

Fassadenpreis 2023 der Landeshauptstadt München: St.-Bonifatius-Straße 1
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BONIFATIUS – A place for people who want to leave the proven in everyday life its place and do not want to do without the comforts of our time.

Currently all apartments in the two houses BONIFATIUS /1 and BONIFATIUS /3 are rented.


Quartiere Ulrike Küpper
Von-der-Tann-Straße 8
80539 München
Phone +49 (0) 172 8119518

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