Sales process

I encourage people to put a piece of their own life history into the unknown hands of others, so that a new chapter in life can follow.

Step 1: Getting to know one another

Recommen­da­tions have suppor­ted me all throughout my profes­sional career. Perhaps you have also heard about me from an acquaintance or colleague for whom I have worked. Now you want to know if what you have been told is true. That’s why we begin with getting to know one another, exchange ideas and decide if we get along.

Step 2: Price estimate

With your stories about the property and its residents, you help me to get a full overview. I listen carefully: What does the property bring along? Are there any hidden resources? What is possible? Are there any limitations? It becomes obvious who exactly needs what you are offering. These are your potential buyers.

Taking this knowledge into account as well as the current market situation, I evaluate the property and provide a price estimate.

Step 3: Exposé

This essence is found in the exposé – a comprehensive exposé with great photos that meets the ideas of your target group.

With all the highlights, but also with the downsides. This full transparency is very important so that your buyer makes a safe decision. It saves you a lot of time and helps in price negotiations.

Step 4: Support

If you wish, I will fully take care of further services around your property. That way you can rely on me to independently organize craftsmen when the “bride needs to be made pretty”. I coordinate the schedule, discuss the market entry. In regular intervals I will inform you about the state of affairs.

I personally take care of your property. I am and remain your contact person throughout the entire process.

Step 5: Sales conclusion

An agreement can be reached very quickly or may require several partial steps. The price might not always be the main issue. You can adjust a wide range of settings during the coordination process and thus put together a suitable overall package. When it is done, the final steps should follow in a timely fashion without any complications. I provide the chosen notary with all the necessary documents, review the drafted sales contract and discuss it with you. Attending the notary, it is important to me that all parties are fully informed and without further questions.

…and now?

Both the seller and the buyer realize the significance of what they have just done only later, when the peace has settled and the excitement has subsided – what a profound moment of happiness!